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In 1915 a million and a half Armenians were killed in the Ottoman Empire following a plan established in advance and executed methodically with the directed aim of destroying civilization. As the French journalist wrote "in the east opur sister is dying, and dying just because it is our sister, his crime is that she shared our feelings, she loved what we love, she thought as we think, she believed in everything we believe, they believed -as we do- in wisdom, justice, poetry and art ". So the Armenians became victims of a genocide that was to create a damage to all the future generations. Since then, the Turkish governments that have followed have fought vigorously to forget this sad episode of the past . Even today, especially in Turkey, simply the stating of this historical truth against those who did that and still do, a violent opposition, physical threats and in some cases even death. The denial feeds the racism and hate against Armenians and other non-Muslim minorities. Some would like people to believe that to admit the reality of the Armenian genocide is an attack against all Turkish and against the real nature of Turkey, althought in fact it is an attack on the denial and a step forward for justice and democracy.




"All the genocides of the future, that have not taken place already begun at a time when the world has refused to condemn the Armenian genocide"

Sargis Galstyan 

huis clos

Garcin: "I died too soon, I wasn't allowed time to do my deeds".Ines: "When I say I'm cruel, I mean I can't get on without making people suffer".Estella: "I feel so queer. When I can't see myself begin to wonder if I really and truly exist"."Hell through tango"An original representation joined with tango (the soundtrack is by Astor Piazzolla, René Aubry, Gothan Project, Mariano Mores) that gives the work dynamics and engaging rhythms.

Tango represents the most direct mean of expression to convey the characters’ anguish and despair, especially when the pain makes them dumb.When they are not able to speak, the body rebels and sets free its language.

The performance of this play represents a new theatre research, the Drama - Choreography, which put together various arts into a single expression style.The reality comes knocking at your door, all of us are free to choose. When we take our choices, we choose ourselves. Only our deeds decide who we are. "A porte chiuse” is the reality beyond our door. Sooner or later we will open it and find our true and deepest soul that we have tried to hide all our life.





"Art has a mission: to excite, offend the sensitivities of the public, and amaze, even in a relatively short time, leave an indelible mark in the mind of everyone."

Marine Galstyan 


Pole Dance is a comedy where the main character is Ruben Moretti, a professor of history of religion and philosophy. At the beginning of the show Ruben Moretti appears as a rational, intelligent person, with an open mind about the relationships between women and men and, as he describes himself, a civil person. Soon situations will happen that will make him reflect on the life he has lived and on details that seemed insignificant to him. He will have to face the consequences of the principles he has always tolerated as a civil person and respectful of women's rights. It all starts with the arrival of the son who is born with black skin, a personal tragedy that completely upsets him! Obviously the first thought, and the only answer, seems to be that of having been betrayed by his wife Angeline. She, a missionary, is a character who presents herself with positive characteristics: charity and honesty, two words that best describe this character; betrayal seems to be an impossible answer, but everything slowly begins to have a rather unexpected and complex development. Everything Ruben has to discover will completely change his outlook those things that seem trivial, insignificant or uncivilized, but that can perceptibly influence and radically change anyone's life.





Civilization is a religion where the commandments are constantly updated”.

Sargis Galstyan 


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